Speaking Inquiries - Gabrielle Hase

Gabrielle Hase is an experienced speaker throughout the retail, marketing and technology circuit.

With an astute understanding of the way in which retailers, technology and high-achieving teams work, Gabrielle brings an unique perspective to any event.

To book Gabrielle as a speaker for your event, inquire at Kirby Jones Management.

Keynote topics

Curation is the ‘New Black’

With information everywhere, the ‘Paradox of Choice’ is a challenge for both retailers and customers alike. Today’s multichannel customer has thousands of options and while artificial intelligence (AI) is personalizing the experience, consumers are increasingly seeking a curated way to shop and are placing more value on the old-fashioned idea of getting someone else’s opinion. Technology can scale this in the order of 1000s of online visitors at a time.  

The Low Cost of High Touch

Brands are investing huge amounts in technology to reduce friction, create scale and build effective business models that allows the customer to self-serve, reducing the need for costly, human interaction. BUT, the real winners are the brands that are investing more, not less, in knowledgeable humans to offer insightful guidance and personalize the engagement with the brand like never before.

Divided by a Common Language

America is sometimes referred to as the graveyard where British brands go to die. Expanding your business from the UK to the US is tantalising for those that have achieved success in one market but are tempted by the vast opportunities across the pond. This presentation demonstrates the misconceptions and challenges that brands face when considering the US, revisits the myth that so few succeed, and offers insight into how to achieve growth.

The Outspoken Token

As a female navigating through a non-traditional portfolio career, Gabrielle has has some enlightening and sometimes heartbreaking experiences as one of the few women in the room. This presentation recounts experience working with many companies, from startups to enterprises, with examples of unconscious bias and the ways the female experience is being redefined.

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From Evie Owen, Joint Managing Director - Owen James

Keynote Speaker

Thank you again for your introduction to Gabrielle – she was wonderful …  The whole experience question is so on the money in every aspect of our lives these days …  food for thought! 

From Belinda Raynes, Founder - Forgather

Conference Panel Moderator and Keynote Interviewer

Gabrielle has been a regular moderator and interviewer for conferences we have organized over the last few years.  She has a vast knowledge of technology, eCommerce and scaling internationally, so is able to interrogate her panelists skillfully.  She approaches her role as a moderator diligently, ensuring that she knows exactly what to draw out of her panelists to ensure that every session she hosts is both enlightening and entertaining for the audience.

Gabrielle also has a great gift of empathy which allows each of her ‘victims’ to flourish on stage. With Gabrielle, you have a really safe pair of hands and someone who is an absolute pleasure to work with. She also rocks a great pair of heels….