ASOS Takes A Stand

ASOS has decided to take a stand against serial returners and as both a consumer and a retailer, I applaud them for it. While returns are an inherent and unavoidable part of the online business model, retailers have every right to protect themselves from people who abuse the right by regularly ordering clothes, wearing them for the day (or night) and returning them. For ASOS, it will (like most things) be all about the execution - how the policy is defined and upheld, how they will counter customer complaints, but I respect them for drawing a line under the practice of serial returns.

It's About Time...

We knew it was going to happen, and now it’s finally here - Instagram has launched its buy now button, giving social media addicts the ability to buy seamlessly from within the app.

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A New Customer Experience Framework... that Works

The brain trust in the Wharton Marketing department (my alma mater, in case you notice a strong bias…) have developed an interesting way to measure Customer Experience, by considering switching costs as a key factor. Well worth a read, and well worth implementing.

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