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  • Tom Bradley, DN Capital “DN retained Soleberry Advisory to support our due diligence on an eCommerce investment opportunity. The output was extremely insightful and led to our greater understanding of the business opportunity. Gabrielle produced everything we asked and on time. She also built a great rapport with the management team. I would be very happy to hire her again.
  • Alex Theophanous,
    Alex & Alexa
    “Gabrielle worked with us for just over 6 months with a remit of owning and reporting on the digital marketing channel, and mentoring and developing our Brand marketing team. She also project managed the launch of our mobile store. Gabrielle has a very focused and commercial style, that greatly benefited the business, as she immediately improved our focus and delivery of what we do. She carefully mentored our senior marketing team, ensuring they became more commercial, focused and strategic. I would highly recommend Gabrielle to any one looking for a commercial, executive eCommerce marketer to add impact and value to their business.

Exemplary service for clients who expect more. Our clients are private equity and venture capital firms keen to capitalise on the exciting investment opportunities available in modern eCommerce.

They turn to Soleberry knowing that we have the operational and strategic expertise to inform their decisions with vital sector-specific intelligence. Every client enjoys the benefits of Director Gabrielle Hase’s 12 years’ experience in eCommerce, business development and marketing strategy. Clients also receive specialist advice and input via a carefully selected network of eCommerce industry leaders.

We pride ourselves on a tight operational structure, deploying our agile, responsive network on demand. This ensures that you enjoy executive level support, comment and analysis both before and after you make your investment.


When a leading venture capital firm was considering investing in a new online retailer they turned to SoleberryThe task was to establish the company’s management capability and the validity of their go to market proposition.

We responded with a comprehensive on-site review of the the company’s European headquarter implemented their investments, including a tour of their fulfilment facility and interviews with key staff. We conducted a full assessment of resourcing, sales projections, growth assumptions, the product portfolio and organisational structure.

We then delivered a prompt expert analysis supported by strategic, executive and operational recommendations. We followed up with on-going advisory input as our client considered and implemented their investment.


A private equity portfolio firm made a strategic investment in a related business. To maximise returns, Soleberry was contracted to determine appropriate business models, recommend a product development programme and advise on a marketing strategy.

We began the process by conducting a workshop of key stakeholders to ensure outcomes were agreed and aligned.

We then recommended two business models and proposed product development roadmaps to support them. We also developed a strategy to leverage the company’s existing consumer base as well as to acquire new customers.


A private equity firm recently purchased a business providing in-store and on-site eCommerce analytics and traffic analysis. Soleberry was asked to advise on business case development and market positioning.

Pre-close, Soleberry provided expert insight into market competition and dashboard models. We also assisted with developing the business case and establishing customer diligence. Post-close, we guided development of the commercial model. We formulated a powerful proposition and mobilised our extensive networks to drive sales leads and introductions.


  • Brilliantly reactive guerrilla marketing on show: .  Nice job Sir Plus! lnkd.in/egc2C_X lnkd.in/eZ6pJqd

    10 Jul

  • I’m a huge fan of Kate’s (and GDR) and am always impressed by how clearly she gets her point across. #smart lnkd.in/ezjhHdP

    7 Jul

  • Proof that online doesn’t mean the death of the high street. Well done Trouva lnkd.in/e3b4FWQ

    7 Jul



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