Soleberry is uniquely positioned to advise eCommerce investors seeking a more informed approach to business decisions.


We contribute essential insights into your deliberations, with more than a decade’s experience across the fields of eCommerce, multi-channel commerce, digital commerce, marketing strategy and operational delivery. Our Director Gabrielle Hase’s in-house expertise is complemented by access to a hand selected network of senior eCommerce professionals – each with a proven track record of success in their own discipline.

We work with you pre and post-close to add a detailed, industry-specific focus. Our services include “gut checking” the business model, performing due diligence, identifying potential pitfalls and opportunities and validating your investment assumptions.

Once an investment has been made we can assist in identifying key portfolio expansion and revenue diversification opportunities to maximise likely returns.


  • Offer a focused operational perspective on the business plan
  • “Gut check” the industry, market conditions and the specific company’s offering
  • Provide external validation and comment on your assumptions via a network of industry experts
  • Perform risk assessments and identify the primary issues for consideration
  • Examine due diligence in operational and commercial procedures
  • Identify international expansion, product diversification and business integration opportunities
  • Advise on successful digital marketing strategies including SEO, analytics, multivariate testing providers and eCommerce platform providers
  • Input into the business model with advice and support on staffing and team structures
  • Enhance operational excellence with mentoring and coaching for team leaders


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